Umetalcoat® Digitally Painted Facade Systems

Umetalcoat® is a high resolution digital paint application system. The 600 dpi inkjet application creates high quality digital images on our architectural sheet cladding systems.


Virtually any digital image can be recreated in the Umetalcoat® tough, durable and vandal resistant coating.


Vitrispan digitally painted cladding minimizes the visual impact of buildings, and civil works, and can help with authorities to reduce the visual pollution tto the natural environment. Or creating vibrant architectural artworks.

Panel substrates

Digitally Printed industrial cladding in harmony with countryside
  • Sandwich panels consist of two metal walls, insulated with polyurethane foam (medium density of 40 kg/m³)


  • Cellular polycarbonate, a very light structure which acts as an excellent thermal insulator and is break-resistant and flame retardant. Generally used on outer surfaces of a building.


  • Composite panels are low thickness and provide a good capacity for machining, bending, punching and bending, thus adapting to more modern designs.


  • Corrugated perforated and solid galvanized sheet steel. The perforated systems give the full visual benefit of the digital application however allow airflow through the system. While the solid systems provide excellent durability and weather resistance.


General Specifications

  • Inkjet UV ink process plus WHITE

  • High adhesion

  • Flexibility

  • High definition (600dpi)

  • Maximum thickness (120 150)

  • Highly weather resistant

  • Resistant to UV rays

  • Graffiti easily removed (see vidieo)

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor enviorment

  • Maximum dimensions 8200 x 2020 x 70 mm


Tests / Certifications

  • Adhesion

  • Scratch resistance       

  • Citric acid resistance at room temperature

  • Impact

  • Salt spray                 

  • Light Resistance





UNE-E 438-2


UNE-EN 14483-1

UNE-E 438-2


UNE-EN ISO 11507








RAS (700h)

Suitable (1200h)