Vitrispan® Vitreous Enamel Properties

Vitrispan vitreous enamelled panels  are made from special cold rolled, decarbonised steel according to EN 10209, which is is coated with vitreous enamel and fused to the metal at temperatures generally higher than 800ºC creating  a virtually indestructible vitreous coating.


At least two layers of coating are applied to the exterior surface of the panels and one to the interior surface. The performance characteristics of our vitreous enameled steel panels result in a material that will not rust, is resistant to chemical attack, abrasion and fire as well as being more durable than any other architectural cladding material.


Vitreous enamelled steel panels are extremely durable and need very little maintenance and cleaning. They will retain their original colour throughout the normal expected life of a building. Exposure to extreme weather conditions and coastal environments does not affect their performance or appearance.


Following the fire a London’s Kings Cross Underground Station on 18th November 1987 which tragically resulted in the loss of 31 lives, the Fire Precautions (Sub-surface Railway Stations) Regulations 1989 (SI 1989/1401) were made under Section 12 of the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and brought into effect on 18 September 1989. (Updated and Replaced in 2010 by regulations made under RR(FS) O 2005.) Vitrispan® systems comply with the Sub-surface requirements, are totally incombustible and approved by London Underground Ltd (LUL).


Heavy Gauge
in accordance to
EN 14431


Vitrispan arehHeavy gauge with thickness higher than 1.2mm in accordance to the EN 14431 norm. Both faces of the steel are totally protected by vitreous enamel coating. The steel provides strength and sag resisting properties during enamelling and the use of the panel.

Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly


The production process of Vitrispan vitreous enamelled panels uses technology and ecologic substances that are not harmful to the environment.

Vibrant Colour



The color range of vitreous enamel is very wide. Existing colours can be matched which makes it ideal for refurbishment or replacement panels..

Impact Resistance


The physical strength of the steel, coating and panel backing allow Vitrispan vitreous enamelled panels to withstand deformation and damage due to impact, chipping and surface damage


Hygienic and prevents germ / bacteria growth


Vitrispan vitreous enamelled steel panels are sterile, germ free, odourless and easy to clean. Combined with its other characteristics and a smooth colour fast surface, they provide unmatched visual appearance.


The vitreous enamelled steel is totally incombustable, it will neither ignite nor burn and will withstand temperatures of up to +400C. Depending on design and nature of backing materials, Vitrispan vitreous enamel panels provide fire ratings of a minimum of two hours and due to their inorganic nature they do not produce toxic gases.

Abrasion Resistance


Vitreous enamelled steel is extremely abrasion resistant withstanding cleaning and most abrasive materials without affecting the coating.


Chemical Agent Resistance


Given the inorganic nature of the enamel, Vitrispan panels are resistant to all types of organic solvents and have an excellent resistance to atmospheric pollution, corrosion and degradation caused by the majority of chemical agents.

Ultra ‐Violet Light & Atmospheric Agent Resistance


Vitrispan Vitreous enamelled panels guarantee protection against corrosion and are completely resistant to premature aging due to ultra violet light exposure. The original colours and surface finish will not deteriorate under continuous exposure to sunlight, rain, frost etc.

High reflectence and Luminosity


Vitrispan vitreous enamelled panels have a very high reflectance unalterable with time because the vitrified surface does not suffer discoloration or brightness loss.